About the Author

This course is the product of a collaborative effort involving RnCeus Continuing Education Committee and two Content Specialists: Valerie Aarne Grossman, RN, BSN; Paul Bauer, RN, BA.

Valerie Aarne Grossman, RN, BSN is a renowned author and Clinical Expert in the field of Telephone Triage, Emergency Care, Radiologic imaging of large patients with broad knowledge of the effects of pediatric cardiac disabilities on patients and families.

Paul Bauer, RN, BA has served adult and pediatric patients for more than twenty years as a Perioperative Nurse. The majority of his clinical practice has been in the General, Trauma and Cardiovascular surgical specialities. Paul is a member of the RnCeus.com Education Team. The RnCeus.com Education Team seeks to meet your nursing continuing education needs. We welcome your comments and appreciate your patronage.

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