Antiviral medication

Antiviral medications have proven useful in the prophylaxis and treatment of a many of viral diseases. Unfortunately, no antiviral medications are FDA approved specifically for the treatment of WNV.

Antivirals are a class of medications that interfere with viral replication. Viral replication may be vulnerable at one or more stages in the viral life cycle. Antivirals employ various strategies to block or delay advancement to the next stage in viral replication:

Stage Strategy
Attachment Block viral surface proteins from binding to target cell receptors
Fusion Block viral/host membrane fusion
Uncoating Block disassembly of protective layer surrounding viral genome
Transcription Corrupt or block the production of viral mRNA
Protein synthesis Block ribosome assembly of proteins
Maturation Block the cleavage and activation of viral proteins chains
Release Block the attachment of viral components to the inside surface of the host cell membrane

Several antiviral drugs have been in clinical trials and compassionate use for WNV. No treatments have shown sufficient benefit to be recommended by the CDC