Functional Urinary Incontinence (FUI)

“Regardless of age, mobility, mentation, or institutionalization, incontinence is never normal.”


“Functional Incontinence” refers to loss of urine that occurs in residents whose urinary tract function is sufficiently intact that they should be able to maintain continence, but who cannot remain continent because of external factors (e.g., inability to utilize the toilet facilities in time)


Identifying FUI is a matter of excluding other forms of urinary incontinence. Several reliable UI screening tools exist to assist the nurse to screen for Urge, Stress and Overflow urinary incontinence.

  Urogenital Distress Inventory (UD)I and Incontinence Impact Questionnaire and their short forms UDI-6, IIQ-7
Male Urogenital Distress Inventory (MUDI) and the Male Urinary Symptom Impact Questionnaire (MUSIQ)


Any mental and/or physical impediment that delays getting to and/or using the toilet when necessary.


Instant Feedback:

Restricted mobility can cause UI in a person with normal urinary function and normal cognition.

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