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Exam & Evaluation (Hospice Care)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Select the answer that best describes hospice care.
  Only Hospice care requires patients to have a life expectancy of six months.
  Palliative care is provided under hospice care.
  Hospice care is not provided under palliative care systems.
  All of the above.
2 Select the answer that best describes hospice care.
  The Medicare Hospice care beneifit a patient life expectancy of 6 months or less.
  Palliative care is provided under hospice care.
  the median stay for hospice beneficiaries is between 17 & 18 days.
  All of the above
3 Hospice care is provided by a coordinated care team. Which answer best describes the members of a hospice care team?
  Doctors, nurses, social workers
  †Clergy, volunteers and homemakers
  Doctors, nurse, Hospice aides, social workers
  All of the above
4 Which answer best describes the services covered under the Hospice Medicare Benefit?
  Payment for prescription drugs related to the terminal illness.
  Nursing services
  Home health aides for limited time periods
  Pertinent medical equipment needed by the patient
  All of the above
5 According to Kellehear which of the following answers best describes the fears that patients may report at the time of death?
  Fears about the actual dying process
  Fears of pain and suffering
  Fears of isolation and abandonment
  Fear of being unable to fulfill responsibilities and important tasks
  All of the above
6 Legal and ethical issues that healthcare workers must deal with include:
  The use of analgesia that might hasten death.
  Withdrawing and withholding life sustaining treatment
  †Advance directives, including Do Not Resuscitate Orders.
  All of the above.
7 The original 3-step WHO pain ladder includes:
  Non-opioids for mild pain.
  Mild opioids for moderate pain.
  †Strong opioids for severe pain.
  All of the above
8 Advance directives:
  †May include living will with or without DNRO, health care surrogate & durable power of attorney.
  Have no legal authority to control patient care.
  Are used only in the state of Florida.
  None of the above.
9 In Cruzan v. Commissioner, Missouri Department of Health, the U.S. Supreme court held that there is NO constitutional right to refuse life-sustaining treatment?
True     False
10 All family members and friends start the grieving process at the time of the dying personís death.
True     False
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