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Exam & Evaluation (Near-Death and Other Transpersonal Events)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 After a cardiac arrest, the patient reported being "out of my body" and "went through a tunnel". During the experience she felt a deep sense of peace. Which of the following terms best describes this experience?
   A death bed communication
  An out-of-body experience
  A near-death experience
  None of the above
2 A patient in hospice care no longer recognizes his family and reports seeing frightening figures in his room. Which of the following terms best describes this experience?
  A death bed communication
   An at death experience
  A near-death experience
  None of the above
3 During a bereavement visit, the mother reports seeing her recently deceased child and hearing her say she is okay. The mother is smiling and happy as she relates this experience. Which of the following statements is most appropriate?
  I understand how you wish you could still see your child.
  Have you made an appointment to see your doctor about this vision?
  Our understanding of these experiences is limited but they are not rare and often provide comfort.
  I hope you do not tell others about this experience.
4 Reports of light or mist emanating from the body at the time of death have been proven to result from crying and tears.
True     False
5 The unexplainable report of an event or the existence of an object that is subsequently determined to be factual best describes:
  Veridical perceptions
  Verified incidences
  True visions
  Perceptive experiences
6 Which of the following explains changing the name from deathbed visions to deathbed communications?
  Visions sound too much like hallucinations
  These communications at the time of death can be auditory and kinesthetic as well as visual.
  The wording is more consistent with other phenomena.
  It is easier to find evidence for communications than visions.
7 NDE is life changing for all who experience it.
True     False
8 Which choice best describes the patient reported after effects of a near-death experience?
  increased spirituality, psychic abilities and malfunction of electronic equipment
  increased spirituality, artistic abilities and malfunction of electronic equipment
  Increase in spirituality, psychic abilities, photophobia.
  Increased religiosity, psychic abilities and malfunction of electronic equipment
9 Which of the following is the best example of a client centered approach when communicating with a patient who is dying?
  It is time to let go now.
  Your son is on his way to see you. Hold on until he gets here.
  We are here to support your decisions as you make this transition.
   None of the above.
10 Which of the following should be included in the medical record when a patient has a transpersonal experience.
  The time, place and witnesses to the event
  Detailed description of events including patient statements
  Patient's emotional and physical response to the occurrence
  All of the above
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