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Exam & Evaluation (West Nile Virus)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 WNV has spread across the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico, infecting over 16,000 people.
True     False
2 IgM may not be detectable by IgM antibody-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (WNV IgM ELISA) during the first week of illness.
True     False
3 The mosquito is the primary vector and birds are the primary reservoir in the normal WNV transmission cycle.
True     False
4 WNV is an arbovirus, short for arthropod borne virus
True     False
5 Vector transmission occurs primarily between the months of May and November in North America.
True     False
6 A WNV equine vaccine is commercially available .
True     False
7 Since WNV-NAT testing was instituted to check all blood in July, 2004, the blood supply has been completely safe from WNV.
True     False
8 Screening organs for WNV is always be done prior to transplantation.
True     False
9 Known WNV-infected organs may be used in some conditions.
True     False
10 WNV has not been shown to increase the risk of abnormalities in a fetus and/or miscarriage.
True     False
11 It is recommended that mothers infected with WNV stop breast-feeding.
True     False
12 There have been no documented cases of occupation related percutaneous inoculation with WNV.
True     False
13 The WNV incubation period is from 2 to 14 days with most symptoms appearing within 2 to 6 days.
True     False
14 Viremia:
  Usually lasts, on average 6.5 days.
  Is the least serious symptom of infection
  May only be diagnosed by screening tests
  All of the above.
15 Mild WNV, West Nile fever
  Affects about 20% of people infected with WNV.
  Affects about 80% of people infected with WNV.
16 The rash associated with West Nile fever
  Itches intensely.
  Appears 2 weeks after onset of symptoms.
  Is maculopapular, erythematous, diffuse and painful.
  None of the above.
17 The most common long term symptom of West Nile fever is:
  Difficulty concentrating
  Muscle weakness
18 WNV-associated meningitis:
  Is similar to bacterial meningitis.
  Is always accompanied by neck stiffness and photophobia.
  Occurs in 20% to 30% of WNV infections of the central nervous system.
  Has a high mortality rate.
19 WNV-associated encephalitis:
  Often presents with seizures.
  Progresses to coma in about 15% of cases.
  Always presents with the same symptoms.
  None of the above.
20 WNV-associated acute flaccid paralysis:
  Occurs primarily in children in the United States.
  Can occur alone or with meningitis and/or encephalitlis
21 Which of the following treatments are approved for WNV in the USA:
  DNA vaccine
  Human immunoglobulin (Omr-IgG-am)
  Chimeric vaccine
  None of the above
22 Besides exposure to mosquitoes, age is the most important risk factor for developing serious west nile virus related illness.
True     False
23 Which mosquito repellent is intended for use on clothing, shoes, bed nets and camping gear?
  p-menthane 3,8-diol
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