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Exam & Evaluation (West Nile Virus)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 When interviewing the patient, which questions will help to assess WNV risk?
  How much time do you spend outdoors?
  How often do you or your family receive mosquito bites?
  Is your residence mosquito proofed? (Screens)
  What mosquito protective measure do you employ regularly?
  Questions 1, 2 and 4
  All of the above
2 Educational materials and instructions need to match the patientís level of understanding and assessed needs
True     False
3 The risk of contracting West Nile Virus disease varies by season.
True     False
4 Which of the following statements about the treatment of WNV is true:
  There are no specific approved treatments.
  Omr-IgG-am is approved for WNV treatment
  Anti-viral drugs shorten the infectious period
  None of the above
Please Evaluate the course. Choose the appropriate button to rate the following.

A The learning outcomes for this activity were met.
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B This activity will enhance my knowledge/skill /practice as a health care provider.
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D Please tell us if you required MORE than 240 minutes to complete this course.† If so, how much TOTAL time did you spend? Additional time does not increase the contact hours awarded.
E One change you will make to your professional practice as a result of this course? (Very important that you respond to this question)
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