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Exam & Evaluation (Bloodsucking Leeches and Flesh Eating Maggots)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Select the FDA approved medical device:
  Hirudo medicinalis
  Hirudinaria manillensis
2 While maggots and leeches should only be applied by trained, professional licensed personnel, maggots may be removed by anyone with adequate training, per facility policy.
True     False
3 Medical leeches should be kept cool, but the patient should be kept warm.
True     False
4 Medical leeches only suck blood and have no other medical uses.
True     False
5 Capillary refill is >3 seconds with arterial occlusion, but < or = to 3 seconds with venous congestion.
True     False
6 Which vessels are easier for surgeons to reconnect?
7 Which organism is most likely to be involved in a leech-related infection?
  Aeromonas hydrophila
  Haementeria ghilianii
8 Leech therapy has significantly improved the success rate of skin grafts.
True     False
9 Leeches can migrate during treatment, therefore the nurse should stay with the patient until all leeches are removed and accounted for.
True     False
10 After detaching, the leech bite can ooze for hours. Each bite can lose...
  50 - 150cc
  500 - 600cc
  None of the above
11 After cleansing the treatment site with soap and water, rinse with ________.
  Saline solution
  Sterile water
12 Aeromonas hydrophila is present in the leech gut and ______.
  Can be eliminated by sterilization of the leech.
  Cannot be eliminated because its necessary for leech digestion of blood.
  Poses no problems to human beings.
  None of the above.
13 Patients receiving leech therapy_____________.
  Require Hgb and Hct at least once daily to check for excessive blood loss.
  May receive IV dextran for hemodilution.
  May need to have transfusions.
  All of the above.
14 Maggots are:
  experimental treatment
15 Which of the following is an FDA approved indication for maggot therapy?
  promotion of granulation tissue
  debridement of necrotic tissue
  disinfection of wounds
16 Maggots liquify necrotic tissue by releasing proteolytic enzymes.
True     False
17 Maggots have successfully been used for the presurgical debridement of wounds.
True     False
18 Diabetes related venous stasis ulcers are usually not amenable to maggot debridement therapy.
True     False
19 Maggot debridement therapy requires a moist, aerated and protected environment.
True     False
20 Side effects which might be anticipated during maggot debridement therapy include all, except:
  Allergic reaction
  Aeromonas infection
21 MDT requires a special dressing that retains the maggots within the treatment area and protects surrounding skin from the proteolytic secretions of the maggots.
True     False
22 According to the BTER website that you visited, biotherapy is the use of living animals as an aid to medical diagnosis and/or_______________. (One word , lowercase)
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