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Exam & Evaluation (End of Life Care)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Palliative is just another name for hospice care.
True     False
2 The Medicare beneficiary pays no deductible for the hospice program but does pay small coinsurance amounts for drugs and inpatient respite care.
True     False
3 Emotional, psychosocial, family, and spiritual issues are separate from pain and suffering.
True     False
4 Adjuvants analgesics are frequently needed to manage severe pain (WHO Step 3).
True     False
5 The 3-step WHO pain ladder includes:
  Non-opioids for mild pain.
  Mild opioids for moderate pain.
  Strong opioids for severe pain.
  All of the above
6 The World Health Organization suggests oxycodone for the control of which step on the pain ladder.
  Step 1
  Step 2
  Step 3
  None of the above.
7 Legal and ethical issues that healthcare workers must deal with include:
  The use of analgesia that might hasten death.
  Withdrawing and withholding life sustaining treatment
  Advance directives, including Do Not Resuscitate Orders.
  All of the above.
8 Advance directives:
  May include living will with or without DNRO, health care surrogate & durable power of attorney.
  Have no legal authority to control patient care.
  Are used only in the state of Florida.
  None of the above.
9 The Florida yellow DNRO form:
  Is recognized and valid in all 50 states.
  Invalidates all earlier forms of DNRO.
  Need only be signed by the patient or patient's representative
  Should be prominently displayed or the card detached and carried prominently on the person.
10 The West Virginia POST forms are bright pink so they are easily recognized and should be transferred with patients from one facility to another.
True     False
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