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Exam & Evaluation (Hepatitis C: Prevention, Assessment & Treatment)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Hepatitis C (HCV) is the most common chronic bloodborne infection in the USA.
True     False
2 About 85 percent of untreated persons infected with HCV ultimately will develop chronic infection.
True     False
3 HCV related chronic liver disease usually takes about how long to develop?
  one to two years
  three to five years
  five to ten years
  ten to twenty years
4 Since 1992, what practice is attributed with reducing the number of new infections by 80%?
  Use of condoms
  Decrease illegal drug use
  Vaccination of high risk populations
  Blood banking practices including: donor screening, testing and virus inactivation
5 Injection drug use is a high risk factor for new HCV cases.
True     False
6 The blood supply and organ/tissue donations are 100% safe at present.
True     False
7 Cross-contamination due to failure to clean and disinfect contaminated equipment, supplies, and environmental surfaces is responsible for the increased risk of HCV among dialysis patients.
True     False
8 Healthcare workers have about the same rates of HCV infections as the general population.
True     False
9 Quantitative HCV-RNA tests detect the viral load.
True     False
10 Genotyping is necessary to help determine a plan for therapy.
True     False
11 The HCV genotype most common in the United States is:
  Type 1
  Type 2
  Type 3
  Type 4
12 Which of the following is considered a low risk for HCV transmission:
  Received a transfusion of blood or blood components before 1992.
  Ever had long term hemodialysis.
  Recent blood transfusion.
  Sex with a person infected with HCV.
13 Which of the following tests are definitive for HCV:
  Liver enzyme tests
  All of the above
14 Most people infected with HCV:
  Show symptoms within 6-7 weeks.
  Show symptoms within 6 months.
  Show symptoms before 1 year.
  Show symptoms only after many years.
15 Prevention measures should include:
  Health education programs
  Safe sexual practice
  Increased testing
  All of the above
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