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Exam & Evaluation (Analgesic Drugs and Pain Management)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 An example of a selective NSAID is:
2 All of the following statements about opioids and respiratory depression are accurate except:
  Patients should be monitored closely when starting opioids or changing to a new drug or dosage.
  The patients at highest risk for respiratory depression are opioid naive patients.
  A sedation scale should be used to monitor sedation levels.
  Respiratory depression occurs before sedation.
3 The risk of clinically significant respiratory depression is increased when a patient receives an opioid via the _______________route.
4 A patient who has been experiencing adequate pain relief with oral morphine for 3 weeks is now complaining of a significant increase in pain. In this situation, the patient should be assessed for:
  progressive disease
  new pathology
  missed doses
  all of the above
5 Which of the following are proposed explanations for how hypnosis reduces pain levels in clients?
  Hypnosis activates the pain-inhibitory pathway from the brain to the spinal cord
  It may act on parts of the brain that shift a patientís attention away from the pain
  It reduces the automatic muscle tightening associated with a pain response through relaxation.
  All of the above
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