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Exam & Evaluation (Children with Down Syndrome)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Children with Down syndrome generally have developmental delays in which of the following areas?
  Speech and language
  Fine and gross motor skills
  Cognition and self-help skills
  All of the above
2 Which of the following characteristics are seen in most individuals with Down syndrome?
  Low muscle tone
  Muscle spasticity
  Large head
  Long arms and legs
3 Which health problem is not particularly common in children with Down syndrome?
  ENT infections
  Irritable bowel syndrome
  Congenital heart defects
  Hearing loss
4 Which statement is true about babies with Down syndrome and congenital heart defects?
  They may be asymptomatic for the first eight months of life.
  Their symptoms may improve without surgery early in their lives.
  They may have permanent lung damage if surgery is not performed at the right time.
  All of the above
5 Which of the following statements best reflects recommendations for children who have atlantoaxial instability?
  They can participate in team sports, but should avoid high-risk activities.
  Itís best that they stick with individual sports rather than participating in team activities.
  They are not allowed to participate in Special Olympics.
  They should be encouraged to focus on mild exercise, such as walking or water aerobics.
6 Which statement about leukemia in children with Down syndrome is NOT accurate?
  Older children tend to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).
  Younger children are usually diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).
  The cancer is unusually virulent and seldom responds to standard treatment protocols.
  The cancer usually goes readily into remission with conventional treatment.
7 Which of the following GI problems are more prevalent in children with DS than in their typically-developing peers?
  GERD and chronic constipation
  peptic ulcers and diarrhea
  ulcerative colitis and duodenal ulcers
  toxic megacolon and paralytic ileus
8 Which dental problem is less common in children with Down syndrome than in the general population?
  bruxism (tooth-grinding)
  periodontal disease
  orthodontic abnormalities
  dental caries
9 Children with Down syndrome have normal immune systems, and healthcare professionals should follow the same treatment protocols as they do for typically-developing children.
True     False
10 Which of the following disorders is NOT more common among children with Down syndrome than it is in the general pediatric population?
  Obsessive-compulsive disorder
11 Which screening tests are used with greater frequency in children with Down syndrome than in typically-developing children?
  Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  Thyroid function tests
  All of the above
12 Which program is mandated by Federal law to address the developmental needs of children with Down syndrome from birth to three years of age?
  Early intervention system
  Special education system
  State services
  None of the above
13 Which statement about breastfeeding and babies with Down syndrome is most accurate?
  Babies with congenital heart defects seldom succeed at breastfeeding.
  Because of weaker immune systems, infants with Down syndrome benefit from antibodies in breast milk.
  There is no effective strategy to teach neonates with a weak suck how to breastfeed.
  Lactation consultants are inappropriate for babies with Down syndrome, since they have special needs
14 Which of the following interventions is appropriate for improving nutrition and feeding in youngsters with Down syndrome?
  If the child shows a dislike for a new food, don't offer it until he forgets his earlier response.
  Remind him frequently that he canít eat the same size servings as his siblings and peers.
  Introduce new foods as side dishes rather than the main course.
  Use foods as a reward.
15 Which of the following statements best reflects the energy consumption of children with Down syndrome?
  They have to exercise twice as long as their peers to burn off the same amount of calories.
  They have to exercise a lot more than other children because they overeat.
  Their basal metabolic rate (BMR) is only half that of typically-developing children.
  They are lazy and donít like to exercise.
16 Which of the following developmental delays are seen in children with Down syndrome?
  Expressive and receptive language delays
  Cognitive impairments
  Fine and gross motor delays
  All of the above
17 Children with Down syndrome have greater delays in receptive language (what they understand) than in expressive language (what they can say).
True     False
18 Which special education services are mandated for children with Down syndrome?
  Occupational therapy, adapted physical education, and speech/language therapy
  Those services that will allow the child to maximize his potential
  Services needed to allow the child to benefit from education in the classroom.
  Special education teachers and school psychologists
19 What is the name of the classic essay that compares the birth of a child with Down syndrome to taking an unexpected trip abroad?
  Violets and Daisies
  Welcome to Holland
  An Open Letter from My Heart to Educators
  An Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals
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