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Exam & Evaluation (Families with Disabled Children 3: Integration)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Which of the following statements accurately reflects Beckham, Frank and Newcombís modern guidelines for professional practice?
  Maintain a good distance between the nurse and family members at all times.
  Pick one contact person and communicate directly with that individual.
  Assume that the more vocal parent is expressing the other spouseís point of view.
  Take time to get to know the whole family.
2 Which of the following is NOT appropriate for the nurse according to Beckham, Frank & Newcombís guidelines for professional practice?
  Staying neutral.
  Forming an alliance with the more knowledgeable parent.
  Seeking buy-in from all involved family members when possible.
  Providing positive feedback to all family members.
3 What type of educational materials should the nurse provide for family members of a child with disabilities?
  Online resources, since they are more up-to-date
  Recent articles from magazines and journals
  Books about the childís disability
  Materials tailored to the familyís learning style
4 Which of the following nursing strategies is unprofessional and should be avoided in dealing with families of children with special needs?
  Selective attention
  Selective ignoring
  Reframing problems
  None of the above
5 Which of the following approaches is NOT appropriate for the nurse to follow when family members make a decision affecting the child with special needs?
  Urging them to reconsider more effective options.
  Supporting the familyís decision once it has been made.
  Providing the family with pros and cons before the decision is made.
  Supporting the familyís preferred coping mechanism.
6 When making a home visit to the family of a child with disabilities, what can the nurse reasonably expect to find?
  A neat home without clutter
  A quiet environment
  An opportunity to converse with one or more of the childís parents
  The undivided attention of at least one of the childís parents
7 According to Fialka and Mikus, the term that describes the communication between parents and professionals that takes place through notes, letters, and e-mail is ________ (fill-in one word) mail.
8 When using the telephone to communicate with the childís family, which nursing strategy is NOT appropriate?
  Checking to see if the parent is free to talk for a short period of time
  Getting right to the point
  Allowing the parent time to collect thoughts and ask questions
  Checking for understanding before finishing the call.
9 Which of the following is an inappropriate time to use partnership mail?
  At the beginning of a relationship with the child and family
  Following a meeting or conference
  When itís time to share bad news
  After a disagreement
10 Which of the following is NOT one of the eight advocacy skills described by Stengle?
  Taking a friend along to meetings
  Keeping a written record of events as they occur
  Consulting an attorney immediately when problems arise
  Keeping a telephone log.
11 Bollero recommends that parent advocates follow all of the following steps EXCEPT:
  Active listening
  Helping the other party save face
  Discouraging affection for the child
  Trying to understand the other partyís point of view.
12 Which of the following is NOT one of the basic services for safety, protection, and security outlined by Greenspan?
  Physical safety and protection
  Food and shelter
  Lavish spending on developmental toys
  Stable family patterns
13 Which of the following interventions is NOT appropriate when the nurse is focused on the basic needs of the child with disabilities?
  Developing alliances
  Advocating for social and emotional support
  Providing family counseling
  Chiding the parents for not focusing on the childís needs
14 Why are ongoing trusting relationships especially important to children with disabilities?
  They promote emotional and cognitive competency
  Because other types of relationships are unnatural.
  Itís important for something to be normal in the childís life.
  Parents need to pretend they are close to the child, even if they donít accept him.
15 What role is NOT appropriate for nurses to play with regard to implementation of relationships geared to the childís individual differences?
  Providing relevant teaching materials
  Making referrals to professionals
  Ignoring sensory processing issues
  Coaching the family with regard to the childís differences
16 What role is NOT appropriate for the nurse working with parents who are learning techniques to promote the childís development?
  Teaching skills to assess the childís abilities
  Role modeling appropriate interactions with the child
  Explaining and clarifying reports from professionals
  Encouraging the parents to simplify all activities for the child
17 Which of the following statements most accurately represents the nurseís role in the specific interventions highlighted at the apex of Greenspanís model?
  Nurses working in different settings will use different strategies.
  Nurses should comprehensively address all areas of interventions.
  Nurses should address only those areas that the parents mention.
  Nurses have only a very limited role in specific interventions for the child.
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