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Exam & Evaluation (Inhalant Abuse: Nursing Implications)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Inhalant use is most common among younger adolescents and tends to decline as youth grow older.
True     False
2 Products commonly abused by inhaling include all of the following except:
  Lighter fluid, gas, butane.
  Paint, air fresheners, laughing gas.
  Asthma inhalers, nail polish, hair spray.
  Oxygen, ipecac, epinephrine.
3 The appeal of using inhalants includes:
  Longer onset of effect.
  More challenging to obtain.
  Status because of rising cost.
  Quality and pattern of the high.
4 Characteristics of youths likely to start using are:
  Emotionally stable
  Resistant to peer pressure
  Supportive family
  Risk taker
5 The process of inhaling vapors from inside a bag is called:
6 Inhalants are absorbed into the bloodstream causing effects similar to alcohol intoxication.
True     False
7 Signs of inhalant abuse may include all of the following except:
  Unusual breath odor or chemical odor on clothing
  Decreased appetite
  Improved academic performance
  Slurred or disoriented speech
8 Some youths use inhalants just to experience the hallucinations.
True     False
9 "Tolerance" means that the inhaler needs to use more of the substance to get the same level of effect.
True     False
10 A diagnostic evaluation of an inhalant abuser should include all of the following except
  Neuropsychologic testing
  Bone scan
11 A routine drug screen can detect inhalant usage.
True     False
12 If inhalants are accidentally ingested, a nasogastric tube should be placed and aspiration of stomach contents performed:
  Only if the patient admits to usage.
  Any time after the ingestion occurs.
  On all patients admitted with a diagnosis of inhaling.
  Within one hour of ingestion.
13 Inhalant intoxication occurs within minutes and generally subsides in approximately one hour.
True     False
14 "Sudden Sniffing Death" is thought to result from the sensitization of myocardial tissue to catecholamines.
True     False
15 "Sudden Sniffing Death" can occur the first time someone uses inhalants.
True     False
16 Long term consequences of inhaling include:
17 Cardiovascular effects from inhalant usage include:
  Cardiac toxicity
18 Guidelines for parents trying to prevent their children from using inhalants include having children do as they are told rather than making their own judgments and fostering independence.
True     False
19 Which inhalant is associated with Kaposi sarcoma?
  amyl nitrite (poppers)
  freon (refrigerant and aerosol propellant)
  butane (lighter fluid)
  toluene (gasoline, correction fluid, etc.)
  nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  methylene chloride (paint thinners, removers, degreasers)
  trichlorethylene (spot removers)
  benzene (gasoline)
20 According to the American Academy of Pediatrics website, the following steps can help prevent your child from turning to inhalants, EXCEPT:
  Set a good example at home.
  Help your child develop different interests.
  Help your child resist peer pressure.
  Do not talk about drugs with your child.
  Build self-esteem and confidence.
21 From the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition Website Tips for Teachers, which of the following are good suggestions for school-based prevention programs. (HINT: Choose 4 answers!)
  Provide training for all school staff as well as parents.
  Tell too much, too soon.
  Limit prevention to secondary grade levels.
  Teach and reinforce appropriate skills, such as reading labels.
  Glamorize or promote usage.
  Start prevention efforts, by age 5, minimum.
  Review school policy regarding drug use and referral service.
  Rely on scare tactics.
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