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Exam & Evaluation (Hemodynamic Monitoring: An Introduction)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 The term hemodynamics describes:
  Intravascular volume
  All of the above
2 During diastole all the heart valves are closed.
True     False
3 During atrial systole, the AV heart valves are closed.
True     False
4 Preload is a measure of
  ventricular end systolic volume
  ventricular end-diastolic volume
  atrial contraction
  atrial relaxation
5 When afterload increases, cardiac output decreases.
True     False
6 Indications for the use of a PA catheter are:
  Unknown volume status with signs shock
  Suspected or known pulmonary artery hypertension
  Patients undergoing high risk surgery
  All of the above
7 Nursing care of the patient with the PA catheter includes:
  Patient safety
  Assessing activity tolerance
  Site care
  All of the above
8 Noninvasive assessment of central venous pressures includes which of the following?
  Inspection of the neck for jugular venous distention.
  Auscultation of heart sounds.
  Chest percussion to determine heart size.
  Inspection of the chest for heaves.
9 When preparing to place an arterial line, which of the following tests is necessary?
  Hepatojugular reflex test
  Allen's test
  Pedal capillary refill test
  Pulse pressure test
10 PA catheter migration may cause which of the following complications?
  Pulmonary infarcation
  Inaccurate measurements
  All of the above
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