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Exam & Evaluation (Hormones of Pregnancy)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Understanding how hormones act and interact may help:
  prevent complications of pregnancy
  patients tolerate discomforts of pregnancy
  decrease patients anxiety
  all of the above
2 Hormonal changes are responsible for meeting the nutritional needs (glucose, amino acids, lipids) of pregnancy.
True     False
3 The nervous system and the ________ system control all of the body's physiologic processes.
4 All of the following statements are true, except one. Which statement is not true?
  Hormones are chemical messengers, secreted into the blood or extracellular fluid.
  The target cell bears a receptor for the hormone message.
  Hormones bind with carrier proteins to have a greater effect.
  Protein hormones have receptors on the cell surface.
5 _________ bind with the hormone receptor and act like normal hormones.
6 The hypothalamus causes the menstrual cycle to begin by secreting
  follicle stimulating hormone (fsh)
7 Early in the menstrual cycle, estrogen is produced by the follicle cells from:
  none of the above
8 The LH surge is initiated by rising estrogen levels.
True     False
9 Abnormally severe "morning sickness" may be associated with:(Check ALL that apply).
  multiple gestation
  hydatidiform molar pregnancy
  bladder cancer
10 All of the following are true, except:
  The fetal adrenal glands are needed for estrogen production.
  Estrogen is a tissue builder.
  Estrogen makes uterine muscle more contractile.
  Estrogen decreases the number of serum-binding proteins.
11 Which of the following statements about progesterone is NOT true?
  It suppresses uterine contractions.
  It prepares breasts for lactation, increasing ductal and lobular growth.
  It decreases "tone" of many maternal body tissues, including the vascular and GI systems.
  It is formed by breaking down the mother's cholesterol.
12 Progesterone has a direct action on the mother's respiratory center. It increases sensitivity to carbon dioxide, causing the mother to hyperventilate and "blow off" more carbon dioxide than she normally would. Because of this:
  The fetus can get rid of carbon dioxide more readily.
  The mother has a feeling of shortness of breath, or dyspnea.
  CO2 readings (as part of normal blood gas report) are lower for the normal pregnant woman.
  All of the above
13 HPL (Human Placental Lactogen) has been called an "insulin antagonist." What does this mean?
  HPL destroys insulin
  HPL helps the fetus by decreasing maternal use of glucose.
  HPL promotes maternal protein metabolism to saving glucose for the fetus.
  All of the above except (A)
14 The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is really nerve tissue.
True     False
15 According to the Colorado State University site, which hormone has been shown to play a role in establishing maternal role behavior?
  Antidiuretic Hormone
16 During pregnancy, the thyroid gland: (Check all that apply)
  almost doubles in size
  increases its activity, promoting increased nutrient matabolism.
  causes a decrease in the BMR (basal metabolic rate).
  increases synthesis of T3 and T4 during the 1st trimester
17 Pregnancy causes a considerable loss of bone density.
True     False
18 Insulin facilitates glucose transport into cells.
True     False
19 One of the risks of uncontrolled gestational diabetes is macrosomia (very large baby).
True     False
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