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Quiz & Evaluation (Understanding Coagulation Tests)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Mechanisms that help produce hemostasis are:
  Vascular spasms
  Platelet plug formation
  Clot formation
  All of the above
2 Which of the following statements is true of the Prothrombin (PT) time?
  PT time is a measurement of the extrinsic coagulation system.
  Prothrombin is a plasma protein produced by the liver.
  The PT time is affected by coumadin.
  All of the above
3 Which of the following drugs increase the PT time?
  All of the above
4 The two tests that are used to monitor the effectiveness of heparin therapy are:
  The PT and ACT
  The aPTT and ACT
  The platelet count and PT
  aPTT and fibrin split products
5 Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is caused by:
  A decrease in platelets
  Widespread tissue injury that triggers coagulation
  An increase in protein S
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