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Quiz & Evaluation (Understanding Urinalysis)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 A specimen of urine for a routine UA should be:
  At least 60 ml
  Put into a sterile container
  An early a.m. specimen if possible
  Sent to the lab as a stat procedure
2 Mr. Jones has a regular diet, including meat and dairy products and has not been NPO before urine collection. Which of Mr. Jones' UA results is abnormal?
  pH 5.5, few hyaline casts
  Specific gravity 1.012, 2-3 red blood cells
  20-25 white blood cells, pH 7.5
  Crystals, specific gravity 1.025
3 In obtaining any type of urine specimen, the nurse should:
  Observe agency protocols for collection
  Follow universal precautions
  Check with the laboratory regarding the need for preservatives or refrigeration
  All of the above
4 The average amount of urine produced by a healthy adult in a 24-hour period is:
  1000 ml
  1500 ml
  2400 ml
  3000 ml
5 Which of the following urine tests may be used to diagnose pheochromocytoma?
  Urinary amylase
  Bence Jones proteins
  Urine vanillylmandelic acid
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