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Exam & Evaluation (ECG Strip Identification and Evaluation)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 An appropriate nursing diagnosis for the symptomatic patient with cardiac dysrhythmia is alteration in cardiac output.
True     False
2 Providing a restful environment is an appropriate nursing intervention for the patient with cardiac dysrhythmias.
True     False
3 Patient teaching activities include all of the following except:
  Teaching the patient to report chest pain and/or dyspnea
  Teaching the patient to "bear down" or hold breath during bowel movement
  Instructing a patient how to self administer medications
  Instructing a patient about a healthy diet
4 Providing psychosocial support to the family members is an appropriate nursing intervention.
True     False
5 Skin preparation prior to ECG lead placement includes:
  hair clipping
  soap and water if skin is oily
  Rubbing with a 2 x 2 gauze
  All of the above
Please Evaluate the course. Choose the appropriate button to rate the following.

A The learning outcomes for this activity were met.
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B This activity will enhance my knowledge/skill /practice as a health care provider.
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D Please tell us if you required MORE than 300 minutes to complete this course.  If so, how much TOTAL time did you spend?
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