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Exam & Evaluation (Human Trafficking)
Questions: Please respond to following statements.

1 Select the primary form of human trafficking endured by male victims.
  Debt servitude
  Forced labor
  Forced sex
  Domestic servitude
2 The National Human Trafficking Hotline receives calls from victims in all the US states. ________ is the state with the highest number of call ins.
3 While human trafficking afflicts every demographic, which of the following factors are known to be associated with victims of trafficking;
  Marginalization in their society
  Being a runaway and homeless youth
  All of the above
4 Traffickers make false promises to lure potential victims. They could promise _________
   A lucrative job
  A better place to live
  Gifts, travel vacation
  All of the above
5 A study of 106 individuals carried out by Lederer and Wetzel found that 99% of victims had some physical health issue. Which of the following was the most frequently reported "physical problem"?
  physical injury
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