Normal Cardiac Conduction in Relation to EKG Diagram

Normal cardiac conduction occurs as:

  • an impulse is generated at the SA node and spreads across both atria, causing them to contract. Note that the atrial impulse correlates with the P wave in the EKG diagram above.
  • The Fibro-fatty atrioventricular groove insulates the ventricles from the atrial impulse. The AV node is the only normal gateway of conduction to the ventricles.
  • The impulse is delayed at the AV node, travels down the AV bundle and it's branches and reaches the Purkinje fibers. The ventricles are stimulated to contract. Follow the red dots and note correlation with the QRS wave in the EKG diagram above.
  • The T wave correlates with repolarization of the ventricles.

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