Read the EKG monitor and nurses' notes to track the course of this baby's visit to the ER

 11:05 Resting quietly with eyes closed. Monitor shows ST (sinus tach) to SVT.
 BP down to 69/53. Dr. XXX notified of patient status. Pulse oximetry down to 84%. Color dusky.

11:09 Monitor continues SVT rate 280s. Baby awake, eyes open, sucking on pacifier. Color dusky. Skin W&D. ER Dr. notified of patient condition and order of Adenocard to be given.

 11:16 Monitor continues SVT rate 280s. Baby lying very still with eyes open. Resp 48, shallow but regular. Unable to obtain BP reading at this time. Color remains slightly dusky. Skin W&D to touch.
11:23 Dr. ZZZ in to see patient. Adenocard 0.45 mg. IV given at 11:24.

11:25 monitor shows SVT to ST rate 140s.