Nursing Implications

While every medical treatment involves risk, MDT appears to be very safe and effective. To minimize risk and ensure proper use of its FDA approved Medical Maggots™, Monarch Labs has included "Clinical Indications" and "Contraindications" in the product insert. Read the product insert thoroughly before administering "Medical Maggot™."

The product insert contains valuable information but it does not substitute for MDT trained professional nursing care and MDT specific institutional policies and procedures. The Bio-Therapeutics Education & Research Foundation has developed an MDT Policies and Procedure template for use by individuals and single institutions. For more info, contact Monarch Labs at


MDT is indicated for the debridement of open, necrotic, soft tissue wounds that are confined within viable tissue.

Contraindication to MDT:


Recommended dose is 5-8 per square centimeter.


Instant feedback:
Local anesthetics are contraindicated for MDT related pain relief.

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