RnCeus Mission Statement

It is the mission of RnCeus Interactive to bridge identified nursing practice gaps with convenient, innovative, affordable, evidence-based and patient outcome focused, continuing nursing professional development courses.

RnCeus Core Values

  • Integrity in business, professional ethics, and ANCC Accreditation criteria;
  • Accountability and responsiveness to the nursing client, nursing profession, and the accreditation process;
  • Continuous quality improvement employing prospective and retrospective sampling of learner response.
  • Promotion of collaborative outcome-focused learning
  • Enhanced participant engagement through innovative incorporation of multiple learning strategies and domains.

RnCeus Goals

  • Identify nurse client learning needs through an annual needs assessment, review of requirements by state boards of nursing, and identification of current patient care issues by major healthcare organizations and in research studies.
  • Provide courses that are identified by learners in the annual needs assessment.
  • Provide courses that meet the needs of learners for license renewal.
  • Provide courses that are accessible and affordable and improve nursing care and patient care outcomes.
  • Provide courses that use graphics, outlines, and interactive activities that stimulate interest in learning.
  • Recruit Content Specialists to create and maintain relevant, evidence-based, and patient-outcome focused course content.
  • Assimilate learner course evaluation data, and follow-up nurse practice outcome surveys to ensure that RnCeus course content meets learners' expectations, educational needs and, when possible, improve patient outcomes.


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