Payment by Check & Money Order will accept your personal check as payment.

Registered users may complete courses prior to the payment processing.  When your check payment is processed we will activate your purchase and issue a certificate of completion that will bear the date of the course completion. Your certificate will remain in "Your account" for viewing and printing at your convenience.

Check payment instructions

  1. New users must register to create a personal account that will hold your course records.

  2. Select the Check payment method

  3. Fulfill course requirements (below).

  4. Submit the exam online and send your reference number along with your personal check through surface mail to:

RnCeus Interactive, LLC
4134 North Fortune Loop
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 249-4694

Certificates of completion are available for purchase by participants who meet the minimum study time requirements and achieve a test score of at least 70%.