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I _______________________________ warrant that I am the sole author and holder of all rights and interests in the manuscript:_________________________________________.  I further warrant that the contents of the submitted manuscript are factual, accurate and reflect current science and nursing practice. I agree to indemnify RnCeus Interactive, LLC (RnCeus) from any claims arising from any breach of the "Author Warranties”.


Upon publication and in exchange for all rights and interests in the manuscript______________________________________, RnCeus agrees to pay, exclusively to the submitting author, a lump sum of $100.00 per contact hour. The number of contact hours is assigned by pilot testing per RnCeus policy. The payee will be acknowledged as the Content Specialist for the course as published on


The Content Specialist is eligible for honorarium equal to 10% of the course revenue, provided that she/he acts as course conservator by revising course content, instant feedback questions and the exam to ensure that the course continuously reflects current science and nursing practice. Failure to meet Content Specialist duties, may, at the discretion of RnCeus, result in the cessation of honorarium and reassignment of Content Specialist title and duties to another conservator. RnCeus retains the right to remove any course from the course catalog for any reason, without notice.

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