Course Development Guidelines - RnCeus Interactive

RnCeus is seeking Nursing Content Specialists to create new courses and to support existing courses.

RnCeus will help you reach nurses to improve patient outcomes worldwide.

  1. Collaborate with our Nurse Planner to develop a professional practice gap analysis that addresses the crucial nursing issues.
  2. Develop measureable learner objectives/outcomes by applying Bloom's taxonomy and planned assessment methods.
  3. Design course content to address the learner objectives/outcomes.
  4. Apply evidenced based, primary sources to support practice change and improved patient outcomes. Anecdotal experience should be limited.
  5. Cite all evidence using APA style within the course page, e.g. (Jones, 2019).
  6. Design a "Quick Quiz" question to measure each learner objective/outcome.
  7. Implement learner self-evaluation with "Instant feedback" tools within each major course section.

Instant Feedback:

Select the benefits of developing a course with

Interactive learning modalities
Professional recognition
Income stream opportunities
All of the above

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