Hospice Facts and Stats

byStateIn 2014, more than 1.3 million Medicare beneficiaries received hospice services, at a total cost of about $15.1 billion (Medpac, 2016). Medicare paid for 87.3% of hospice services in the U.S. (Medpac, 2016).

Some private insurers have a hospice care provision in their policies for individuals under 65. They frequently follow standards and procedures established by Medicare.

Medicare does not prohibit patient private pay for hospice care, if they are financially able to do so. Also under Medicare law, no person can be refused hospice care. Funds from donations, gifts, and other community resources are often used for individuals who have not hospice coverage.

New Hospice Model being tested

Hospice utilization in the U.S has increased, yet just under half of eligible Medicare beneficiaries use hospice care and most only for a short period of time (MCCM, 2015).

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Male patients have been less likely to utilize hospice services.


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