Hemodynamics: Basics

As already mentioned, hemodynamics are the forces which circulate blood through the body.

co_vrSpecifically, hemodynamics is a term used to describe the intravascular pressure and flow that occurs during a cardiac cycle. It is important to remember that the vascular system is a closed circuit. Pressure and flow variations in the venous compartment will necessarily affect the arterial compartment and vice versa.

Therefore, hemodynamic measurement is not simply a number value in relation to a norm. Rather, hemodynamics are the beat to beat variations of pressure and flow that occur within and between the arterial and venous compartments. The decision to treat a hemodynamic value in one compartment depends on the status of the other compartments and should always be undertaken with careful consideration of the potential unintended effects of the proposed treatment.


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The entire blood volume of a healthy resting adult is circulated in one minute.