How do I pay for certificates for the exams that I have passed?

In order to view certificates for the exams that you have passed, you can use any of the following methods of payment.

1. Online Credit Card Method.
  • First click "Edit My Information" in "My Account" and select "Online Credit Card" payment method.
  • Go to "My Exams" and you should be able to see "Purchase Certificate" button next to each exam that you have passed but not yet paid.
  • Click "Purchase Certificate" button and if the credit card information is validated and charged, you will be able to see the certificate right away by clicking "View Certificate" button.

2. Check sent by mail.

  • Mail your check to address below along with Reference Number of each exam that you wish to purchase.
    (RnCeus Interactive, LLC, 4134 North Fortune Loop, Tucson, AZ 85719)
  • Reference number is listed next to list of exams you have passed in "My Account".
  • Once we have received your payment, we will send you confirmation by email.
  • After you receive the confirmation email from us, log in to our site and next to the list of exams that you passed, you should be able to see the "View Certificate" button. Click it to view and print certificates.