Frequently Asked Questions

"Right" click on the certificate and you should get a menu with a PRINT option. OR "Left" click your mouse on the certificate; this tells the computer what to print. Next; while holding down the "control" key, hit the letter "p". You will get a menu with a print option. Select the print option. OR Contact us and we'll walk you through the issue.

WHEN WILL MY FLORIDA COURSES BE POSTED TO CE BROKER? automatically reports successfully completed courses to CE Broker, provided that all course requirements have been successfully met, including: • an exam score of 80% or more • correct number of study minutes on the exam evaluation • successful payment transaction as required • your registration must be current, complete,   correct and be designated as a FL licensee • your registration form must contain your   license number exactly as requested, i.e numerals only • your current mailing address must match the address on   file with your state licensing agency • your registration form must contain your profession title   abbreviation, e.g., RN, ARPN or PN.

Click "Login" or "Your account" (top of the page). Log into your account. Click on "My Special Offers" (left side of the screen). You will either see that you have purchased an offer, or you'll see that no offer has been purchased or paid for.

If you clicked the "View Certificate" button, but can't see the certificate, it is likely to have opened BEHIND your current screen. Simply "minimize" the window that is in front of you, and you'll see the certificate on your desktop. The certificate opens in it's own window and since it's a graphic, it could take a few seconds to appear.

I've paid for the 30 contact hour special offer, but I can't find the courses! How do I find the courses and begin taking them!
ALL of the courses are listed in 2 places. First, scroll down the Homepage. You'll see the names of all the courses listed, and when you click on the NAME of the course, you will go directly to the course itself. The courses aren't listed in any particular order. The second place is the Course Catalog. Look at the top of the screen and you'll see the words "Course Catalog". Here the courses are listed in several areas of interest (for example, "Cardiac" "Medical Surgical" etc. Click on the name of the course on the list that's on the left side of the screen, and the course objectives will be shown on the right side of the screen. Click "View Content" to go to the actual course.

I know I passed the test, but I'd like to know which questions I answered incorrectly and what the right answers are. Where can I find that information?
You don't need to be a registered user or pay anything to submit your exam, get it graded AND get the feedback on the questions and answers. Click the "Submit" button at the end of the exam, and the next screen will tell you if you passed or failed. If you passed, SCROLL DOWN that same page, and after all the instructions for processing the certificate, you'll find the entire exam, with each reponse you gave marked "correct" OR the correct answer will be there.

I just purchased your special offer, but I can't find the courses that are 30 contact hours. I can only find the courses that are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 contact hours! Where are the 30 contact hour courses.
The description of the 30 contact hour offer that you purchased reads "Your choice of any combination of courses to equal 30 contact hours..." The courses are all listed on the homepage and again in the Course Catalog. There are NO "30 contact hour courses". You'll need to choose the courses that best meet your continuing needs.

I can't find the ALABAMA PROVIDER NUMBER on my certificate and I need it for my renewal form!
We are recognized providers in Alabama, so we do not have a separate Alabama number. However you can use ANY of the PROVIDER NUMBERS that are on your certificate. There are numbers for California (CEP11783), Florida and West Virginia.

I need to contact someone at to ask a question. How do I find an address, telephone number, etc.
Attn: Paul Bauer RnCeus Interactive, LLC, 2583 kingsfield Street, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 Phone# is 520-249-4694 email:

I'd like to take the free course "Experiences of Previously Unconscious Patients." I'm filling out the registration form, and it seems like the form asks for my credit card number. Why do I have to give my credit card number for a free course?
You don't have to give your credit card number. Under "Method of Payment", you can click the "personal check" option and complete the registration form. There's no charge for the course, but you need to fill out your name and address to get a certificate. After you pass the test, enter the user name and password that you chose, and click "Purchase Certificate." Your certificate will be available immediately!

"INTEGER" response when I submit the exam?
Most likely a letter "o" was typed when the form expected the numeral "0". If it continues to happen on retries, the letter character has been stored in your browser cache. Turn off Autofill or change browsers or beat autofill by typing the "0" character first, move the cursor to the left, type the second numeral and so forth.

"Not Approved" error message.
"Not Approved" is generated by the Credit card processing company. It indicates that the credit card number is not correct. The most likely issue is a transposition of digits or the wrong number of digits.

I just paid for a course and the message said the transaction was successful. It still says "No" under the Paid column.
Click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser, and the new sale should appear.

I thought I had purchased a special offer for 30 contact hours, but I am being charged for the individual courses! I remember entering my credit card number in the form, but there's no special offer showing up.
In order to purchase the special offer, you must register and log into your account. The registration takes place when you fill out a form, and assign yourself a user name and password. The form asks you for which "method of payment" that you're going to use. If you choose "online credit card", the system will make sure you enter the credit card number before confirming your registration. THEN, you can purchase the special offer. If you've successfully purchased the special offer, you will be assigned a reference number for it. Be sure when you're processing your purchase that you read all the instructions on the page. The instructions will guide you to purchase the special offer, if that's what you want to do.

I bought a 30 hour Special Offer. I've taken 28 contact hours and want to take a 4 contact hour course. Will I have to pay extra for that course?
No, you will not have to pay extra for the 4 contact hour course. The system "allows" you to take whichever course that takes you up to and over the 30 contact hour offer. In other words, even if you had taken 29 contact hours, and you wanted to take a 5 contact hour course to complete your "deal" it would be OK.

I took a course and paid for it, but hit the "submit" button twice by accident. I received 2 emails confirming my purchase. Was I charged twice for the course I took?
You can only be charged ONCE for a course. If you hit the button twice, a second email is generated, but your credit card is only charged once for a single reference number.

I was hoping to get a receipt for my transaction. How do I get one?
You'll get a receipt automatically if you enter your email address in your registration information. Make sure that your email address is correct, and that you've checked your mail. If you don't have an email address, then you can get your receipt via fax or surface mail, at your request. Just let us know.

I'd like to print the course material, to study away from the computer. When I click "print" the only thing that prints is the Table of Contents! What am I doing wrong?
It's fine to print the course material for your own personal use, as long as you also spend the required time with interactive graphics, questions and links to other websites. Here's how to print: When you're looking at a course on the screen, you are really looking at 3 separate "frames." There's a frame on top with the navigation bar (the red horizontal line) and the frame on the left side of the page (the Table of Contents.) Those frames stay constant. The 3rd frame is the main frame on the right side of the page; it changes as you choose pages from the Table of Contents, and THAT is what you want to print. There are different ways to do this, depending on whether you are on a Mac or PC, and depending on your browser. Make sure you POINT AND CLICK YOUR MOUSE on the frame you want to print, and then click your Print button. You'll have to repeat that for each page of the course. You can also try holding down your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON you 'll see an option window pop up. Click PRINT on the window, or "Print frame" or "Open frame in new window". With this last option, the material you want to print will open into a new window, and then you can just "click" on the what you want to print and print as usual. If your computer's print functions are unavailable to you in your normal "toolbar", just hold down the 'control button' and hit the 'letter P'.

I purchased a special offer for 30 contact hours, but I see the prices next to the course name on the home page ($16, $20, $24, etc.)! Do I need to pay those prices too?! I thought I was paying for the courses and certificates with the special offer.
If you purchase a special offer, the individual prices DO NOT APPLY TO YOU, until you use up your 30 contact hours. The prices you see on the home page and in the course catalog are for people that are taking the courses individually.