Using corporate account

Company information
It is important to enter the correct information for your company since this information will be used for billing address, etc.

User set-up
You will "create" users that will be using this system to participate in online education and take exams. It is important to enter the correct information for the users in your company because the course certificate of completion will use this information. Once each user account has been created, distribute the "User Name" and "Password" for each account to the appropriate user so that they can start using the system.

Bulk purchase offer
We offer special bulk rate discounts for corporate accounts. Our system allows you to purchase a certain number of contact hours at a discounted rate. Once a special discount is purchased, any users that have been "created" on your corporate account can take exams and view certificates. The contact hours accrued will be counted against the special corporate offer. Once all the contact hours under the special offer have been applied, users under your corporate account will no longer be able to see certificates for new exams that they take. They will still be able to see the certificates for courses that had already been awarded. You can purchase more special offers at any time.