Alyssa, a young girl with cerebral palsy, lives in a small apartment with her single mother Latonya. As a nurse with the developmental agency that provides services to Alyssa, you’ve known the two for several years.

Knowing how devoted Latonya is to her daughter, you’re puzzled by reports that Alyssa has been missing therapy appointments with staff at the early intervention program. The OT reports that Latonya isn’t carrying out the home program any longer, the SLP is dismayed that Alyssa is actually regressing in her expressive language, and the PT is ready to drop Alyssa from her caseload.

When you sit down with Latonya to discuss the situation, you find out that she’s lost her job, her car needs major repairs, and she can’t even afford the parking fee at the center. Small wonder that she’s not focused on Alyssa’s development!

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