Biochemical Terrorism: An Emergency Room Resource

How to Take this Course

Course Overview: The goal of this course is to acquaint nurses, and other health care professionals, with biochemical toxins, poisons, irritants, as well as radioactive agents, that the public may come in contact with. Currently, terrorism is thought of as the method for dispersing these toxins, but it should be noted that toxic exposures can also occur accidentally, or through ignorance. This course presents information about a full range of toxins, methods for triage and treatment, both before the hospital and in the hospital. It also covers practical suggestions in a manner that will assist the caregiver involved in an emergency situation. Please see Objectives for a more specific list of this course's goals.

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Instant Feedback: To reinforce the material, quiz yourself on what you have learned while studying this information. Wherever you see this green color text, "instant feedback" questions are available.

For example:

The target audience for this course are the nurses, and other healthcare professionals, who will likely be among the first
to triage and care for victims of chemical and biological warfare agents.

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