Living Arrangements

Adults with Down syndrome live in a variety of living arrangements, including:

Nurses working with an individual with disabilities can be influential in arranging the least restrictive environment (LRE) possible.

"For many adults with Down syndrome, having a home of their own is a lifelong dream. It is important to them to leave home and establish separate adult lives, just as their brothers and sisters do. If the transition from the parental home to the new living arrangement is well planned and the needed support and supervision are provided, adults with Down syndrome can thrive living in their ‘own places’. Once they have a home of their own, many adults with Down syndrome learn to do things they never did at home…" (Robison, Krauss & Seltzer, 2003)

Instant Feedback:
Nurses working with the client with Down syndrome should help the client find the least restrictive environment for living arrangements that meets the needs of the individual.