Madelaine Lawrence, PhD, MSN, RN is the Content Specialist for this course.Besides clinical experiences in medical-surgical nursing, coronary care, pediatrics and hospice care, she has taught clinical and research courses to graduate and undergraduate students for over 25 years and was the Director of Nursing Education and Research for a large urban hospital in Connecticut. Her research and writings include but are not limited to an investigation of critical care nurses knowledge base, a study of the experiences of unconscious patients, a prospective study of near-death experiences, a study of the incidence of deathbed communications, descriptions of near-death and other transpersonal experiences occurring during catastrophic events, and selective attention during transpersonal experiences surrounding death.

Madelaine has been interviewed for several lay publications, radio talk shows and appeared on numerous television shows including ABC’s Turning Point with Diane Sawyer.  Besides numerous journal articles, she has authored two murder mystery books: A Hypnotic Suggestion and Why Kill a Parapsychologist and two non-fiction books: In a World of Their Own Experiencing Unconsciousness and The death view revolution:  A guide to transpersonal experiences surrounding death.  All her books are available on