About the Author


Madelaine Lawrence, BSN, MSN, Ph.D. is a researcher, author, educator, life coach, hypnotist, certified in forensic hypnosis, and Director of Education for the RnCeus.com website. Her clinical practice areas include medical-surgical nursing, coronary care, emergency care, public health, and homecare. She has taught undergraduate and graduate nursing students research and served as Director of Nursing Education and Research for a large urban hospital.

Madelaine's academic research and writings include a study of unconscious patient experiences, which contain reports of numerous transpersonal experiences, a prospective study of near-death experiences, a survey of the incidence of deathbed communications, and selective attention during transpersonal experiences surrounding death. She has been interviewed for several lay publications, radio talk shows and appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC's Turning Point with Diane Sawyer.

Madelaine is the author of five books, both fiction and nonfiction, and numerous professional journal articles. Her most recent novel, hot off the press, is a book about a Nurse Director of an ED. In A Pocketful of $20s, our ED nursing director hands out $20s to five people at Christmas.  The story evolves about how this nurse, with the help of a detective and hospital staff, help these recipients with significant social and health issues.  She is friends with the police detective and an orthopedic surgeon, who both hold exciting romantic possibilities.

Currently Dr. Lawrence provides a manuscript for publication review service for nurses. She can be reached at lawrencecenter@yahoo.com and at 803-367-3156.

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