Florida Nurse Practice Act

Chapter 464.001-464.027

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464.001 Identifies the collection of state statues 464.001 through 464.027 as the “Nurse Practice Act.”
464.002 The purpose of the Nurse Practice Act is to ensure that every nurse practicing in Florida meets the minimum requirements for safe practice.
464.003 Provides definitions for terms included in the "Nurse Practice Act".
464.004 Describes the appointment, term and composition of the Board of Nursing (BON).
464.005 Identifies Tallahassee as the official headquarters of the BON.
464.006 Grants the BON authority to adopt rules within the confines of rulemaking procedures and state statutes.
464.008 Describes the requirements for any person to be obtain a nursing license by examination.
464.009 Describes the requirements for any person to be obtain a nursing license by endorsement.
464.0115 Describes the requirements for a nurse to be recognized as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.
464.012 Describes the requirements for a nurse to be recognized as an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP).
464.013 Describes the requirements and procedures for biennial nursing license renewal, including the duty of the BON to require up to 30 hours of continuing education for license renewal.
464.014 Requires the BON to adopt rules and procedures and fees necessary to 1) obtain inactive license status 2) reactivate inactive licenses.
464.015 Defines specific requirements necessary to hold titles associated with the practice of nursing.
464.016 Cites felony and misdemeanor violations associated with the unlicensed practice of nursing, impersonating a nurse or concealing or abetting such violations.
464.017 Prohibits sexual misconduct in the practice of nursing.
464.018 Empowers the FBON to establishes disciplinary guidelines including: fines, license probation and revocation for criminal violations and unprofessional activities, as well as procedures for reinstatement of license.
464.019 Describes the application and program requirements for the approval of new professional and practical nursing pre-licensure education programs. It also describes the requirements for continued approval.
464.0195 Establishes the Florida Center for Nursing which is responsible for the strategic development of nursing resources statewide.  It also authorizes the BON to provide nurses the opportunity to fund the activities of the Florida Center for Nursing by inserting a voluntary opt-in donation question on initial and renewal license applications.
464.0196 Describes the appointments, composition and term of the Florida Center for Nursing Board of Directors. It also authorizes the board to seek and accept non-state fund to carry out center policies.
464.0205 Details the requirements for certification and practice with the under served as a volunteer retired nurse.
464.022 Allows certain specific activities, e.g., nursing practice in accordance with the practices and principles of the Church of Christ Scientist, rendering of services by nursing assistants acting under the direct supervision of a registered professional nurse, etc.
464.027 Facilitates the utilization of Registered nurse first assistants and cites the requirements and qualifications to perform those duties.

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