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1. cancer confined to the mammary ducts
4. What grade are: solid, cribiform and the papillary forms of DCIS?
5. ______ may reduce the risk of invasive breast cancer.
9. A Van nuys factor
11. Identifies the nature or cause of a disease
13. One of the main Van Nuys index factors
16. Tamoxifen is associated with increased ______density
17. Tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance


2. A Van nuys factor
3. early follow-up includes a mammogram in ____ months
4. DCIS occurs in the _______ of ducts.
6. DCIS subtype most likely to become malignant
7. abbr: Works by blocking estrogen receptors
8. A Van nuys factor
10. What grade is the comedo form of DCIS?
12. A way of describing the extent of cancer within the body
14. abbr: Works by destroying estrogen receptors
15. A dietary substance that increases risk of DCIS

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