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2. Inactivated vaccine is also known as ______
8. Common term for influenza
9. Vaccine against three viruses.
11. "Drift" requires the ______ production of a new FLU vaccine.
13. An allergy to _____ is a contraindication for both vaccines.
14. Influenza A genomic material
15. The "L" in LAIV


1. Results from viral reassortment
3. Route for LAIV administration.
4. Small genomic changes.
5. FLU infectious agent
6. Relating to birds
7. Tens of thousands of Americans ____ from the FLU annually.
10. Number of RNA strands in Influenza A virus
11. The FLU affects _____ age groups.
12. Common FLU symptom
16. Route for "Killed" vaccine

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