Nursing Priorities

Nursing care of patients who experience lone atrial fibrillation include the following nursing diagnoses:

Nursing Diagnosis Intervention

Anxiety and Fear - occurs when the patient is experiencing the paroxysmal onset of lone atrial fibrillation. The patient fears the development of a life threatening dysrhythmia and may refuse to participate in care, require constant attention, or ask questions inappropriately.

Decreased Activity Tolerance - may occur due to syncope or vertigo associated with a decreased cardiac output.

Decreased Cardiac Output - is related to the loss of the atrial "kick" during atrial fibrillation. Some of the symptoms will include decrease BP, chest pain, and dyspnea.

(From: Medical Surgical Nursing, 5th Ed.)

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Nursing priorities include all the following except:
Reducing fear and anxiety
Assess and intervene for problems associated with decreased cardiac output.
Assess for decreased liver function
Tailor ability to meet a decrease in activity tolerance.