Addiction Treatment Effectiveness

Treatment facilities for inhalant abusers are hard to find.

According to Munson (2002) treatment facilities for inhalant abusers are hard to find and the relapse rate is high. Beauvais, Jumper-Thurman, Plested & Helm (2002) assessed the attitudes of drug user treatment program directors towards the problem of inhalant abuse. Findings from their survey show that program directors perceive a great deal of neurological damage incurred through inhalant use and have a general pessimism about treatment effectiveness and recovery. According to Beauvais, Jumper-Thurman , Plested, & Helm (2002) drug treatment providers are not yet equipped to handle inhalant abuse and dependence.

According to the Americna Academy of Pediatrics (2005) Treatment for inhalant abusers is usually long-term, sometimes as long as 2 years. It must address the many social problems most inhalant abusers have and involves: