Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the learner should be able:

1. Define inhalants.
2. Identify classes and examples of inhalants.
3. Recognize reasons why youths are using inhalants.
4. Describe the characteristics of a youth likely to start using.
5. Recognize Inhalant research regarding gender and ethnicity.
6. Describe methods of Inhalation and the most frequent site of usage.
7. Describe the effects of inhalants on the body.
8. Define inhalant intoxication, withdrawal, tolerance and addiction.
9. Describe the assessment process.
10. Identify emergency treatment.
11. Recognize fatal and long-term consequences of Inhaling.
12. Correlate the relationship of Inhalant abuse and delinquent behavior.
13. Describe keys to prevent Inhalant abuse