Delinquent Behavior & Inhalant Use

According to Bender (2003) delinquent behavior plagues inhalant abusers. Mackesy-Amiti M. & Fendrich M. (1999) found that Among (9-12) grade level students only, both inhalant users and inhalant experimenters reported more minor criminal activity than other drug users and other drug experimenters, respectively. A similar trend was noted for trouble behavior. The same was not found for drinking and drug-taking teens. The findings suggest that inhalant use is categorically different from other drug use, and that it has more in common with general delinquency than with general drug use. According to Vaughn, (2007), inhalant abusers scored high on indicators of impulsivity and fearlessness suggesting that these traits may help propel them toward sensation seeking activities with others.

Inhalant users and inhalant experimenters do not report more minor criminal activity than other drug users.