Author Guidelines


RnCeus Interactive LLC. is an approved provider of continuing nursing education. It is the goal of RnCeus Interactive to advance the practice of nursing by presenting clinically relevant learning modules enriched by multimedia and interactivity.

RnCeus Interactive welcomes learning module manuscripts within the following broad content categories:

    1. Theoretical content: Submissions must relate to the scientific knowledge or technical skills required to provide direct or indirect patient care. We encourage the publication of innovations and trends in patient care. The submissions must provide educational content above that which is required for licensure. Authors are required to provide a concise abstract which includes course title & objectives.
    2. Clinical Studies: Submissions must include study implications as they relate to direct or indirect patients/client care. Authors are required to provide a concise abstract which includes course title & objectives.

Requirements for Submission:

    1. Any qualified author may submit a course for review. A qualified author need not be a nurse, but, must have special skill or experience with the health care subject material offered.
    2. Authors must sign and submit, with the manuscript, a copyright transfer and warranty statement available by clicking WARRANTY / COPYRIGHT.
    3. Courses must be relevant to the practice of nurses or other health professionals.
    4. Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word by either disc or e-mail attachment.
    5. The average word length is between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Times Roman #12 is the preferred style.
    6. The manuscript should include an instant feedback question that reinforces major facts or key concepts.
    7. The manuscript must include a final quiz approximately 10 to 20 questions long. The quiz should reinforce learning and relate to the objectives.
    8. References cite the primary source only.
    9. Primary references should be as current as possible. Kindly list the full reference for each instance at the bottom of the content page in APA style.
    10. Each previously published graph, chart or illustration must be accompanied by written permission to reprint.

Author Professional Data:

    1. Author curriculum vitae should accompany the submission of manuscripts.
    2. The author's current address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address must accompany each manuscript.

RnCeus' promise to our authors: We will work with you to produce the best product possible. We acknowledge that we have two primary clients, the nursing community and our authors.