Ovary: Post Conception

We have covered the hormone cycle when fertilization does not take place. Now, we'll look at what happens when fertilization does take place. Here is the scene at the time that conception may or may not take place:

Test your knowledge again with the matching game below. The game emphasizes the major difference between the non pregnant menstrual cycle, and the important change that occurs at conception.

Test your knowledge of post-conception hormones.

Drag the blocks on the right to the numbered line on the left, in the correct order.

A yellow STAR will appear when you're correct!

Relaxin is another hormone produced by the corpus luteum, and later by the placenta, myometrium and decidua. The main action of relaxin is related to its ability to "soften" tissues. In the beginning of pregnancy, it is partly responsible for maintenance of the pregnancy, as it causes the uterus to relax, be less contractile, and therefore less likely to expel the early pregnancy.

It also softens the cervix, and works together with estrogen and progesterone to stimulate breast growth. It changes collagen throughout the body, and softens the articulation of pelvic bones to allow for increased space for the developing fetus. The softening affects joints, muscles and ligaments, and therefore contributes to maternal instability toward the end of pregnancy.

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