Moving Forward

Three months later, you smile as you pick up Cassie’s file and flip through the pages documenting your ongoing work with her family. Ned and Renee are good parents, and they’ve worked hard as they moved through the grieving process, coped with the stressors that followed Cassie’s birth, and adjusted their expectations of themselves and of the professionals around them.

Their family system was quite strong and well-integrated to begin with, and they have done an admirable job of adjusting to Cassie’s needs and providing her with a loving, secure environment. You sense that they are ready to seek additional resources for their beloved daughter, and look forward to developing an effective parent/professional partnership and empowering the family as you follow appropriate guidelines for effective professional practice.

Center for Parent Information and Resources provides valuable information about children with disabilities to parents, family members, caregivers, friends, educators, and medical professionals who provide them services and support.

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