Families with Disabled Children: Integration

How to Take this Course

Course Overview: This program is the third in a series of three course offerings designed to prepare nurses to work with families of children with disabilities. Each program has specific objectives and may be taken separately, or as part of the series. Part III continues modern guidelines for maintaining a professional relationship with the family of a child with disabilities, including practical advise for effective home visits, telephone calls, and partnership mail. Skills that parents need to advocate for their children are highlighted, along with effective nursing strategies to help parents become good advocates. The final section uses Greenspan’s integrated developmental intervention model to pull together content from the course and apply it to real-life situations. Please see Objectives for a specific list of the course goals.

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The target audience for this course is nurses who work with families of children with disabilities in a variety of settings: inpatient, clinic, home health, schools, public and private agencies, and nurse case management.