Case Study V

Mr. V. W., a 30 year old triathlon runner, came to the ER complaining of vague chest pain and frequent palpitations after his daily run today. His health history is negative except for a fractured ankle last year after a bike accident. Mr. V. W. denies ever having chest pain in the past.

Physical Assessment:

Neuro: AAOx3, equal strength in all extremities.
Pulmonary: Resp. slightly labored. Lungs clear in all lobes.
GI: Normal bowel sounds, complains of some nausea.
GU: Voiding large amounts of clear, pale yellow urine without difficulty.
CV: Pulse irregular, Heart sounds S1 and S2, peripheral pulses strong in all extremities.
Height: 6’0, Weight: 165

History: Mr. V.W. has just recently moved from California to Southern Texas. He remarks about the heat. Mr. V.W. also states that he noticed that he had weight gain of 10 pounds since his move and this concerns him. He also tells you that he believes his weight gain is due to an increase in "water" and he borrowed a couple of his mother’s "water pills" to try and reduce his weight.
Medications: Multivitamin 1 qd
Herbal energy supplements 2 -3xd
Lasix 40 mg x 2 (borrowed from his mother)
Diagnostic studies:

CXR: normal
Labs: Na 131, K+ 3.2 . All other labs within normal limits.

EKG rhythm strip:

Questions: (IMPORTANT! See instructions below*)

1. The rhythm Mr. V.W. is experiencing is:
Sinus rhythm with PAC
2nd degree AV block type II
Ventricular bigeminy
Atrial flutter

2. The cause of the rhythm could be:
Too much exercise
Electrolyte imbalance
Nerve damage
3. Treatment for the above rhythm might include:
Correction of the electrolyte imbalance
All of the above

4. The premature beats in the rhythm occur:
In the atria
In the SA node
In the AV node
In the ventricles
5. Other causes of the above rhythm (not including Mr. V. W.’s problem) are:
Myocardial ischemia
Digitalis toxicity
Increase in circulating catecholamines
All of the above

The basic dysrhythmia course that is recommended as background for this Cardiac Case Studies course is the course:

EKG Strip Indentification and Evaluation


Please write down and save your answers to the above questions. The questions will be repeated on the "Exam and Evaluation", but the scenarios and strips will not be repeated.

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