Learner outcomes

Successful completion of this course, will enable the learner to:

1. Describe how HIV is transmitted.
2. Identify signs and symptoms of HIV infection.
3. Describe AIDS defining illnesses.
4. Discuss how the following classes of antiretroviral drugs work:

5. Describe factors considered when starting HIV drug treatment.
6. Identify the goal of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).
7. Discuss the use of antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy.
8. Identify "black box" warnings for specific antiretroviral drugs.
9. Identify the influence of food, herbs, and drugs on antiretroviral therapy.
10. Discuss 3 types of antiretroviral regimen failure.
11. State 2 reasons why adherence to antiretroviral drug therapy is crucial.
12. Discuss ways healthcare professionals can help patients adhere to antiretroviral therapy.