An Overview of Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that can be caused by one of three chromosomal abnormalities.

Adults with Down syndrome almost always have some degree of mental retardation, but it is usually in the mild to moderate range. There is a wide variation in the communicative and cognitive status of adults with Down syndrome. Some speak clearly and understandably, others have significant issues with grammar and articulation, and a small number depend on augmentative communication devices. Many adults with Down syndrome attain functional levels for reading, writing, and math; others have been less successful in these areas. While there is usually some degree of impairment in both fine and gross motor skills, many adults with Down syndrome are good athletes and hold responsible jobs.

Adults with Down syndrome tend to have certain physical characteristics, including:

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What is Down Syndrome?

Adults with Down syndrome often have certain physical characteristics, including low muscle tone and distinct facial characteristics.